60 Satellites has been launched out of the planned 42,000 satellites target to launch into the space to enhance high speed internet connectivity is real .

Elon musk tweet from the space via Starlink satellite on 22, October 2019 was phenomenon .

“Whoa, it worked!!”,  suggesting that SpaceX’s Starlink is active now .  The north Us and Canada will be the first to receive the service .

With this ,it seemed it was not possible , with these 42,000 satellite coming on board  delivering internet will be @ zero cost and many business models will change.

With this there will be alot of spying from the US. i dont think China will allow such .

Amazon is also building to launch their own massive internet but it seems SpaceX will do first .  We need others to join to encourage competition with spaceX otherwise there will be a monopoly . Our internet providers in Nigeria like MTN, Glo will suffer it if they do not innovate . By 2020 the internet will evolve in a new dimension

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