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One of the biggest challenges to startups is where to get loan to start or grow their business.


  • Requirements: Android phone ,Valid bank details and BVN
  • Platform: Android
  • Interest rate: 5% to 30%, depending on credit rating
  • Loan tenure: 15 days to 6 months
  • Repayment channels: Debit Card, Quickteller and direct transfer
  • Website : https://paylater.ng

Paylater  makes access to credit easy. No guarantors, no collateral, no wahala. You can apply 24/7 and receive funds in your account in as little as 5 minutes. Unlock higher loan amounts and lower interest rates by repaying on time.

KwikCash by 9mobile

With KwikCash, you can access loans of up to N100, 000 just by dialling *561# with your Etisalat line and get credited in minutes.

  • Requirements: A 9mobile line and valid bank details
  • Platform: USSD (*561#)
  • Interest rate: 10 – 20%
  • Loan tenure: 14 days
  • Repayment channels: ATM, debit card, USSD and direct transfer/deposit
  • Website: https://9mobile.com.ng/digital-services/kwikcash/

Aella Credit

Aella Credit has two options: in-network — for users whose company is registered on the platform — and out-of-network, that caters for people whose company is not registered. The in-network option promises higher loan amounts at lower interest rates.

  • Requirements: Android phone,Valid bank details, BVN and employer registration (for in-network loans)
  • Interest rate: 20% – 27% for out of network loan
  • Loan tenure: One month
  • Repayment channel(s): Debit card
  • Website: https://www.aellacredit.com/


SnapCredit provides instant credit solutions to employees. They collaborate with employers and provide their staff with an online platform to access loans. Their platform eliminates all the hassle and gives employees instant 24/7 access to credit at very competitive and fair rates.

  • Requirements: Employer registration, valid bank details
  • Platform: Web
  • Interest rate: Function of the amount of loan and its tenure.
  • Loan tenure: 1 to 12 months
  • Multiple loans at a time: Yes
  • Repayment channel: Monthly loan repayments are deducted from salary
  • Website: https://www.snapcredit.ng/


KiaKia makes use of a chatbot that takes you through the process of registration and other activities towards getting your personal loans. You must have a work identity card before you can access a loan on Kiakia. You can also choose to register as a lender.

·  Requirements: Work ID card, valid bank details

·  Platform: Web

·  Interest rate: 5.6% – 24%

·  Loan tenure: 7 to 30 days

·  Repayment channel: Debit card, direct depo

Website : https://kiakia.co/


  • Requirements: Valid bank details, valid ID card, and bank statements
  • Platform: Web
  • Interest rate: 9% – 39%
  • Loan tenure: 2 – 12 months
  • Repayment channel: Debit card, direct deposit
  • Website : https://fint.ng/

FINT is more of a marketplace that matches lenders with creditworthy borrowers. The minimum amount of personal loans given out is ₦60,000 and the interest rate is based on borrower’s risk score.

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