We are proposing two approaches:

  1. Voting website
  2. Short code



This is a website based voting system. Is a quicker & flexible way to insert polls into a mini website that will be designed for you . It will be mobile responsive and comes with advance admin panel.


  • IP based Voting: You can enable IP based voting .Once a voters votes he can’t be able to vote again. You can even get accurate data of your voters.
  • Multiple or Single Voting : you can allow candidates to vote for more than one candidate
  • Get voters details: You can ask the voters to add their details like names, email phone no etc as they vote.
  • Costumed OTP based voting : You can allow one time password based voting in the website
  • Insert Image of the people voted for
  • Online : It will be integrated in a mini website
  • Poll result : View poll result to see who is the winner from the admin
  • Awesome UI : It will have great user interface


LIMITATIONS: Voters must connect to the internet before they can vote.

SOLUTION: Trust me, 95% of young people using phone are internet enabled. Also each of the voting takes few minutes, hence very little data usage.

You can ask for a demo

Domain name & Hosting yearly renewal : N20k yearly . This starts after one year of design

Total COST : N150,000


Short code Voting System 


Short code, a system that allows you to use a “5-figure number” to provide variety of mobile content through text messaging. People who vote to your short code are billed automatically by their network provider and you get your own share from it.

The tariff in form of airtime value will be deducted whenever anyone votes to their choice candidate to the code. The tariff is either N50 or N100

You will also have a keyword. The keyword is what your prospects will type first before any other information you want them to send to the code.

Our sms website manages the short code voting for you. You will create an account in our website and monitor the data entry as people vote.

You have to buy sms to encourage voters to vote

LIMITATION : Voters are charges either N50 or N100 each time they vote . I know some may not want to keep voting.

Total Cost: N90, 000

Yearly Handling charges: N10, 000. Starts after one year of setting up your short code